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    Running sshfs after unshare -r

    We have sshfs installed and working so we can mount a remote directory with the command

    sshfs user(_at_)remotemachine:dir mount_location

    however if we try using this same working command after running an
    unshare -r
    we get the error:

    fusermount: mount failed: Operation not permitted.
    What could we do to run the sshfs mount after the unshare without it failing?

    **replace (_at_) with the actual symbol used for ssh/email (forum rules need 15 posts first before I can use the symbol in a post).

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    i don't use unshare, but i use sshfs.
    sometimes i'm getting fuse errors.
    it usually helps to unmount:
    fusermount -u /path/to/sshfs-mount
    sometimes also
    killall sshfs
    hmm, looking at man unshare, it would rather seem to be a permissions problem, maybe with ssh. use verbose option for ssh, or no daemon option for sshfs, maybe you can get more info.

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