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    Can I create a bootable iso with isomaster?

    Running Debian Jessie 64 bit system

    Here's what I did:

    Starting with a known bootable iso, good.iso, using isomaster I extracted contents to a folder called Extracted. I extracted the boot record from good.iso into a file called isolinux.bin.

    Using isomaster, I created an iso, trial.iso, from the Extracted folder, telling the program to use the isolinux.bin file as the source of the boot record.

    Result: trial.iso is not bootable.

    What's up with that?

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    without searching, i cannot give an exact answer, but the simple explanation is "it doesn't work like that".
    those images can be of different types, there's something called "hybrid" image...
    just to give you an idea what to search for.

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    Thank you, nihili, for responding. I don't understand what you're telling me.

    The sequence of events that I followed were:

    good.iso -->isomaster-->extracted folder -->isomaster-->trial.iso

    Without modifying any of the files in extracted folder I don't understand how I managed to produce an image that was different than the one that I started with.

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    Don't know about isomaster, I usually use the bare tools instead of wrappers. You may want to check out isolinux documentaion.
    ISOLINUX - Syslinux Wiki

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    Thanks, Segfault. Your suggestion paid off. When I created the iso with the genisoimage program, things worked fine. Seems like isomaster works fine for extracting an iso's contents to a directory, but not for generating an iso from a directory.

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