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    Need Assistance locating a firewall application.

    Good Afternoon All,

    I am fairly new to the world of linux and am having a bit of a hard time finding some alternatives for things i used with windows. My current situation is finding a firewall that will perform like zonealarm. I attempted to use UFW however it appears that UFW does not terminate active connections upon enabling. I am looking for a firewall that will do just that.

    For Example if i were to run a ping test to my router while the firewall(deny all no rules applied) is disabled and enable the firewall while the test is still running i would expect it to stop receiving successful icmp packets. UFW does not stop the packets. However if while the firewall was still enabled i ended the ping and attempted a new one then it blocks the traffic.

    Perhaps there is a feature or something i must configure. Nonetheless i would appreciate any help with this issue.Whether it be advice on how to achieve my goal or simply suggesting a different application.

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    it seems you know a lot about these things.
    please do some research, in linux there's usually many different alternatives.
    i'm sure some solution exists.
    start by entering "firewall" into your software center's / package manager's search field.

    fwiw, UFW, the uncomplicated firewall, is a (simplified) frontend to iptables.
    iptables can also be used directly.

    maybe also the great archwiki can help:

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