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    Question Virtual floppy drive / simulate floppy drive / block device

    I'm trying to use an old program (EMT4UNIX) that works fine with physical floppy drives, but doesn't work with floppy images or loop devices.

    The message is:
    not a floppy device /dev/loop5
    Just to clarify, this loop device works fine outside this program, but I guess it is not a "real enough" block device and the program detects it and thus halts.

    Is there some equivalent of CDEmu but for floppy drives? Any way I can fool the program to think this is actually a physical floppy drive?

    By the way, if it's of any importance, I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 ATM.


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    I use DosBox under Both Linux and MS Win7 (DOSEMU is another option) for many dos applications. One of the things it does is allow you to set up a virtual A: drive (or any other drive). On my computer I already have a floppy so I have created a virtual DOS Z: boot drive. I point everything that needs system files etc using the path command. From what I have seen, this program so tightly weaves DOS to the machine that BIOS calls and low level hard drive commands all work well. This may be what you

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