about a month ago, a problem occurred while viewing a file on my true crypt container: my computer froze up!. so then i had no choice but to force my computer to shut down without properly dismounting my container. and as a result, when i turned the computer back on and tried to mount the container again, it wouldn't mount (i cant remember the message). but the next day i tried it on a different Linux os (the one i was initially using was "tails os". the one it wouldn't mount on anymore) then suddenly it mounted!. and i was like "what the hell is going on". so i went back to tails os then bam! it was suddenly mounting on there again as well. so as the title says, i want to be certain before i start saving things to that container again that it is not corrupted. i tried using the "check file system" option embedded within the true crypt application but all it says is something about it being "clean" and some more technical stuff. any help would be greatly appreciated ^-^