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    Question How to use remote connect to linux server with parallel sessions?


    I have server on Linux. I have in the same LAN workplace on Linux also, and one workspace outside on Windows.

    My goal is: connect to Linux server from both places and have option to work parallel as window's rdp. What software can you offer?

    Also, I have trouble for windows workspace. It is outside the NAT. I can't configure NAT for Linux server. I need software with internet-id or something like. I tried Teamviewer, but if we campare with windows rdp it's really weak: I can't work parallel with other person. It uses GPU.

    What can you advice to work from outside the NAT with parallel sessions?

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    In general: use ssh to connect.
    If you are on mobile or in an unstable/changing network, then use

    If you want to connect from outside your workplace, either setup a VPN (preferred) or port forwarding on the router.
    Port forwarding is quick to setup, but not as versatile and seamless.

    As for working in parallel from multiple places: use screen or tmux once you are connected via ssh

    Then you will need a ssh client on windows.
    - Many use putty, but it feels a bit dated.
    - Personally, if I had to use a windows workstation, I would provision a linux vm on it and use that for ssh.
    - This one looks good, havent tested it though: SmarTTY - a multi-tabbed SSH client with SCP support
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