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    How can I extend an Ext4 Partition?

    I use a Channel Master DVR with a (Toshiba) 1 TB Harddrive and I recently got a 2 TB harddrive. What I would LIKE to be able to do is transfer my shows from the old harddrive to the new, and Continue adding new shows to it with th newly increased capacity. Someone suggested cloning the Drive and extending the partition. After doing some research, I learned that the partition is in the format Ext4 By Linux. I Haven't had any luck so far. Any suggestions on how I can extend the partition or do this a different way would be greatly appreciated!

    Additional info: I'm doing the work on a windows vista computer and don't have much Linux knowledge. After simply cloning the one TB drive to the 2TB drive, the DVR still showed it was almost full even though it had 50 percent more space.

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    why not create a second 1TB partition inside the unallocated space?
    not sure if your tv can handle it though...

    Quote Originally Posted by SoundsofSand View Post
    Additional info: I'm doing the work on a windows vista computer
    not sure about that at all.
    why not boot a live linux from USB, then you could use gparted.

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    So in Disk Management, it showed it as the used portion with content as Healthy (Primary Partition) and the unused part with no content as Unallocated. When I converted the unallocated to a 2nd primary partition, the DVR did not recognize it as one solid partition or two separate. It still acted like it was almost full as if it was still a 1 TB hard drive.


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