Hello, I have been building a Prototype box that I have been building a huge installer for all basic small business network needs. One of my requirements for creating this automated installer, is line-by-line installations to include the user's configuration inputs in an easy to read manner.

As such, I have it preset for them to set the private IP address they would like, what web address they want, or DNS address they want, and what VoiP phone's/#'s to input.

I'm now working on Email Servers, but I cannot find any guide that doesn't have some sort of GUI during the installation. I was wondering if anyone knew of an online guide all text based, that could help me figure out how to build this step in my installer.

I just need an email server guide enough to get 2 people email addresses on the same public network that I can configure my MX Records on my local DNS, and be able to send/receive/view/delete emails.

*(Note: I am using raspbian lite os with several Pi3B's.)