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Thread: command line

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    command line

    I need to run the command apt-cdrom to make cd-rom recognized by APT. BUT, in this case, it's not a cd-rom but rather a "live" pendrive.


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    Perhaps it's best to I should post the "terminal" response: "Failed to fetch cdrom://Linux Mint 18.3 _Sylvia_ - Release amd64 20171213/dists/xenial/contrib/binary-i386/Packages Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs" So, I've got I need the rest of the command to ensure the pendrive/"live" O.S. is recognized.

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    looking at all your other threads that you "SOLVED" with some seriously idiotic answers, that would have required further discussion, which you are unable to have in a reasonable manner, because you suspect everyone here is only after your small, hurt ego - let me ask this:
    why are you even using linux if you have nothing but problems with it?
    why do you keep asking questions on various linux forums, if any answer given inevitably is the wrong one, only fueled by the posters arrogance, in your opinion?
    surely no-one's forcing you?
    just get yourself a chromebook, or one of dem cheap windows 10 tablets, and be done with it.
    save yourself & several online communities further pain.
    good riddance, wixter69.
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    looking at YOUR seriously idiiotic answer, I have to wonder why your even here?

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    Just a little F.Y.I. I went back through a number of my posts. As I've suspected, nihili has NEVER offered any good advice, given or suggested even one good solution and nowhere have I seen nihili even suggest anything remotely conceived as a worthwhile reply. For someone who deems them self as some kind of 'Linux Guru", it been proven, by you, that your not! My "learned" opinion therefore, is that you should leave these help forums and do the rest of us a favor.

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    He is kinda right though. You always post a silly solution that someobody else already mentioned and you pretend to have discovered it yourself. Like the login issue you were having.
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