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    Apache & Dreamweaver

    Want dreamweaver to publish to apache. Have installed vsftpd, need help to configure.

    Dreamweaver MX
    Apache 1.3
    Debian - Sarge

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    man dreamweaver
    man apache

    It's kinda hard to help you to configure if you don't tell what do u want to change and everything.

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    Allow me to explain the basics

    Apache will have a directory (most likely /var/www/<hostname>/htdocs --or something of the like--) that is acessable to the web. To get a simple Apache server running is not hard, securing and getting only the mods you want working can take a little more time.

    I'm assuming that you want to use Dreamweavers ability to 'mount' a ftp server as a directory and sync the local directory tree with the ftp one?

    In that case, you would need to create a user that has r+w privliages in the apache directory. To make life safer and easier, in an idea world, this user would be chrooted into that directory with the apache directory listed as its $HOME (so when you login to the ftp, you will then automaticaly be in this directory)

    I would love to give you a step by step but that would basicaly entail writing a howto for this, whitch I would love to do, and plan to at some point, but don't have the time. I'm NOT going to RTFM you here, but the man pages, and other apache/vsftpd howto's and documentation should point you in the correct direction, post your questions here.

    (I know that its frustrating when you are trying something new and everyone makes assumptions, but if you read through a solid howto as opposed to just skipping to the 'code' segments or 'type all this in this order' you should be able to get a general idea. (ps. if it was all just a matter of type this on every computer, the exact same every time, someone would already have written a script to do it for them, not bother writing a howto)
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