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    Unbuilding from Source ;)


    I've only built from source a few times before as I normally use RPM but I'm getting sick of trying to track down RPMs. So I was just wondering, isn't building from source messy? I mean, what happens when you need to uninstall the program? Or is there a way to cleanly uninstall?


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    I know with some source packs you can state
    make uninstall
    instaed of
    make install
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    Is there a way to tell if that make uninstall option is available before you make install?

    And you have to keep the configured source around to uninstall at a later time, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Audax321
    Is there a way to tell if that make uninstall option is available before you make install?
    read the file README or INSTALL that comes in the directory with the source.

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    You could also try some source-based package management tool, such as spk ( ).

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    IMO installing pre built packages is what's messy. Building from source gives you the options to customize how it is built and where it installs to, installing a RPM gives you none of that (or very few in some cases). Mostly this is accomplished by passing options to configure, but sometimes editing the Makefile a little bit is what it takes. Not all options have a 'make uninstall', but you can find out with the command 'make -n uninstall'. The -n options means print everything, but don't actually do it, so if it does some stuff at least you know it works. Otherwise, you'll have to delete everything manually, check 'make -n install' to see where it puts everything, these are what must be deleted.

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    I compile my programs like this:

    checkinstall -S -y

    Somebody sayd me that if you do packages from programs what are made of sources you can uninstall them with any pgkmanager.

    (That's why checkinstall instead of make install)

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    Or in the case of Gentoo's portage system, it takes care of the cleanup for you- saves loads of time.
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