First yoww I have read your guide and I still have a problem.
Ok I have redhat9.0 wine 20030508 and klitekpp210b3e.exe.
So when I try and run it I get this

[daniel@localhost windows]$ wine klitekpp210b3e.exe
wine: chdir to /tmp/.wine-daniel/server-307-5faf5 : No such file or directory
[daniel@localhost windows]$
So I need to know what do I do know. I have a clean install of wine.
Do I just do
mkdir /tmp/.wine-daniel/
touch /tmp/.wine-daniel/server-307-5faf5
or do I have to do something else.

One more thing I was looking at
and it says
Make sure you use the default wine registry, otherwise you will get the error "Failed to create empty document"
If you need this wine registry, then click here to download it.
So I downloaded the registry and I don't know what to do with it.