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    Applying computer/linux technology to InfraRed technology

    Hi folks,

    I have been searching for technical documents and discussion forums relating to applying programming on InfraRed technology for sometimes but without much result. Can any folk give me some suggestion.



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    Without a little more detail on what you want to do, I'd suggest looking at this project at freshmeat:

    Also, check out the LIRC kernel drivers for some more info into the nitty-gritty of driving the IR devices.
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    The Linux Unwired book has an entire chapter dedicated to IrDA and Linux:

    I think it's an excellent read, a wonderful reference and a great place to start.
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    Hi folks,

    Tks for your advice and response. Sorry for not being more specific on my first posting.

    I have been searching a while before on IR technology
    (FIR) Far Infra-Red
    (SIR) Serial Infra-Red

    What I found in the past are mainly for control and communication applications. My interest on IR technology started on browsing following site

    infrared iR Thermal Imaging

    Neither I have many information about the latest development of IR technology linked to computer technology. Therefore I started my first broad posting in anticipation collecting more information of IR application other than those 2 (control and communication) mentioned before.

    I have been searching for discussion forums on infrared iR Thermal Imaging and documentation about its integration to computing technology but could not discover many of them especially the forum.

    That is the whole story.


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