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    When I try and run wine on anything I get this.

    When I try and run anything on wine I get this
    [daniel@localhost windows]$ wine klitekpp210b3e.exe
    wine: chdir to /tmp/.wine-daniel/server-307-5faf5 : No such file or directory
    [daniel@localhost windows]$
    I really want to get kazaa and mirc to work .
    So can someone please tell me how to get this to work.
    I installed wine fine with not one problem.
    I run on a redhat9.0 system for now and use wine 20030508.

    BTW: I have a slackware cd and was wondering if I installed it on my redhat partition would it get rid of redhat?
    If not how would I get it to install over it?

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    the search feature on this board is really cool!

    click on 'search' and then just type 'wine' or 'kazaa' in the saerch line and you will find TONS of stuff

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    Ok thanks man .

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    Ok I did a search but nothing on my problem.
    You see it does this for ALL .exe files I try to open.
    Not just K-lite.

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    yup, wine is messed in rh 9
    I have had the same problem.

    try this:

    in the terminal type:

    wine notepad.exe

    see if notepad opens, it might take a bit of time, but it should open, if it does at least you know wine is installed ok

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    Ehh same thing.

    BTW: I recompiled wine once again.

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