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    Macromedia Shockwave

    Is there any possible way to get macromedia shockwave to run on any browser with Linux, or am I just bucked up the futt on that one?

    Thanks a mil.

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    It runs perfectly fine on firefox with the netscape-flash plugin from Check their website for specific installation instructions. It should work with any mozilla-based browser. I've also gotten it to work in konqeror by importing the plugins.
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    But never on mozilla itself? Just wondering.

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    I got mozilla working with the plugin cause i haven't been able to install firefox properly, but i can assure you, it works fine. I've browsed through albinoblacksheep and zipperfish perfectly fine, and they need macromedia extensions. So yeah.

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    Hold on a mo', are we confusing things with macromedia flash player?

    Shockwave player is not available for Linux. No way you can get it running under the penguin. Maybe using wine or summat like that is a possibility though I don't know anyone who's done it.
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    It is not a FREE product, but it can run a lot of Windows apps, including Shockware.
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    it works perfectly on linux

    just add the 'embed' command to your code lines hehe it makes flash codes compatible to unix
    our webmaster choq soul is using it in hes code see by yourself ->


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    crossover office only lets you install shockwave 8.5 and most new things require shockwave 10 (i miss my beloved Inklink)

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