I am a newbie to Linux but have Red Hat version 8.0 up and running. I use it to help manage a medium size network. I have things like syslog working fine and can collect statistics from my devices. I installed VSFtp to move configs and IOS software around the network. I created a local account specifically for FTPing. I can connect to and upload and download fine from a DOS prompt on my workstation using this newly created account. My issue started when I tryed to FTP from the server to my Cisco routers. I can FTP from them to the server just not from the server to the routers. I then tried Century FTP that we have installed on the desktop and receive the same results. I can copy to the server just not from the server. How can I isolate where this issue may lie? The only thing that appears in the vsftp logs are successful transfers. There is no detail so I cannot tell if this is a signin issue or if the router is trying to transfer with a command VSFTP does not know or what.