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Thread: Fun with VNC

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    Fun with VNC

    I am running a Mandrake box as a VNCServer.
    I startup three clients that connect to a remote UNIX X session.

    vncserver :3 -depth 8 -cc 3 -query -depth 8

    vncserver :4 -depth 8 -cc 3 -query -depth 8

    vncserver :5 -depth 8 -cc 3 -query -depth 8

    Then I connect to each vncserver from a windows computer. No big deal.

    My question there any way that I can view the virtual desktops (3,4,and 5) from the Mandrake box that I started them from??

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    You should be able to just use VNCViewer to connect to those servers, even on the same PC.

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    I forgot to mention...
    I am not using any windows managers on the PC except for X.

    I was thinking it was hiding the virtual desktops somewhere.
    Like Ctrl+F7.

    Do you know what I mean??

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    automaticly options ??

    how do you put those options automaticly in some config file to open like a service??

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