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    Linux port for Kazaa?

    Is there a Linux app that can connect to the same network as Kazaa (FastTrack)?

    If not, can someone explain to me in detail how to install Kazaa Lite using WINE on Mandrake 9.1?

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    I dont beleive there is a native linux app that can connect to the kazaa/p2p network, there was rumors of a linux version of kazaa that turned out to be a virus or something like that in the end.

    Anyway, Kazaa, Wine, Mandrake - install guide here:


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    I have no idea on your questions but maybe a possibility. There is a app for linux called "Wine" that emulates the win32 system for M$ apps. I don't know if it would also work on other win32 apps or not but may someone here is more familar with Wine may know.

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