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    KDE Desktop Mirroring

    I have 2 monitors, and I am running KDE with SuperKaramba

    Is there something that will ¨mirror¨ my desktop accross both screens

    I am looking for this to have the same wallpaper, icons, and system monitor
    It would also be nice if it would mirror the kicker, but I have that set to auto hide, so it would have to basically have two kickers...

    It would have to be able to run different apps in the foreground...

    Does such a program exist?


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    Software wise, I dont think so.
    But hardware wise, that's totally do'able.

    You simply have to set your video card to "emule" 2 different driver so that each monitor runs his own stuff. The inconvinient of this, is that since both use a "different" driver, application cannot be draged over the next monitor as they dont communicate together
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    That´s not exactly what I´m talking about
    I´m more looking for something that will allow me to use my computer just like I do now, but have the same desktop on both monitors

    Dragging is a big part of this...

    Thanks anyway...


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    You can enable Xinerama in your xorg.conf file:
    Section ServerFlags
    Option "Xinerama" "on"
    This will allow you to drag windows between monitors, yet each monitor will remain seperate from the other.
    The only problem with this is that you have to manually add panels on each monitor, and tile your background so that it will appear the same on both monitors. Or you could just leave Xinerama off, the disadvantage of this is that you can't drag windows between monitors like you can with Xinerama.

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    depends on what card you ve got also...
    like you should use the Twinview option with nvidia cards...
    on my ati i just set it up by my XFree86-4 file i defined 2 monitors, defined 2 devices, on the same driver but with different adresses... but the last option wont let you drag n drop between screens... so the only way is to use twinview or to really have 2 video cards from same constructor....


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    Ok, I seem to have been unclear

    I have NVIDIA, and xinerama working
    It´s great

    The problem is that I have to use one monitor to access the files on my desktop (I have a laptop, so they all have to be on the LCD for when I move around)

    I was wondering if there was a way to make the same icons, in the same places, appear on the other monitor, without copying them over (then I would have 2 sets when I ran in one screen)

    I also would like the task bar over there, because I would like 2 of them...

    Anybody know how?


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