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    Any network friendly web browser?

    I'm looking for a web browser which can run on more than one computer at the same time while also SHARING bookmarks. When a bookmark is created or moved or deleted on one computer, these changes are reflected on another computer on the LAN.

    Firefox can't do this--when Firefox runs on one computer it "locks" the profile so it can't be used simultaneously on any other computer. Also, a complex set of scripts to try to keep bookmarks.html synchronized won't work because Firefox completely ignores any changes to bookmarks.html while running.

    Here's an example of the sort of network friendliness I mean:

    1. I open my web browser on my HTPC and also my server.

    2. There's some problem with Xine on my HTPC but it's annoying to search the web on my TV.

    3. I go to my server to Google for a solution. I find a great web page with a fix and bookmark it.

    4. I go to my HTPC and click on the "bookmarks" menu. The web page which I just bookmarked on the server appears on my HTPC also!

    5. I use that web page to fix my HTPC, and all is well...

    With Firefox, this scenario won't work. I can do some ugly workarounds, or e-mail myself a link, or something, but it's simply a pain. It would be far more elegant for all of my PCs to share bookmarks 100%, 24/7.

    Is there any web browser capable of this?

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    Not that I know of... Although Firefox might have some kind of extension/plugin you could use, I'm not sure.
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    Yeah, if you find one, let us know! I wouldn't mind something like that for home/work!!
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    That is a very good question! I've been wondering the same thing about Mozilla's mail service for network shared addressbooks, mail folders etc...
    It would be an elegant solution without having to configure router internet access. My guess would be that Mozilla or firefox should allow network wide user preferences and settings. Since bookmarks are in principle local user related, they didn't think of making these network accessible. This is especially useful in mutli-user offices where addressbooks need to be shared and maintained without having configure each computer.

    In the meantime I use konq, and firefox with the same bookmarksHOW? by importing the bookmark into firefox. When it needs to be updated I can erase the old bookmarks and import the updated version again.

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    What about being a bit clever with the bookmarks folder?

    Either a script that will copy any file in the servers bookmark folder to the HTPC bookmarks folder or vice versa.


    make one folder a sim link to the other? might work!

    Or if you can, change to a profile that is on a network drive that both can access and then try and make firefox use that profile. although, u might have problems if using the profile on 2 machines at once.

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