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    I'm trying to install the Xine Player......


    I have several files to compile from.....which?......

    How do I compile....?

    In Emacs?


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    you normally get these programs in either a tar or an RPM format. If you have the tar format, first untar it. This will give you a load of files in one or more directories. Then look in those directories (remember that, within a terminal window, cd subdirectory name will change to that subdirectory and 'ls -alF' will list all the files in that subdirectory) for a file called either README or Readme.1st or INSTALL. Read that file, either in your favourite text editor or by 'cat filename' .

    Normally what you have to do is (optionally) './configure' followed by 'make' followed by 'make install' (which may require you to be using the root/su userid). If you want to start over, use 'make clean' .

    Then it's just a matter of find what you need to run (probably something called xine).

    have fun


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