Error messages are so fun aren't they? Before I get into the things of things, I feel the compulsive urge to give useless background about the and more. For some time now, I have been compiling my own linux kernels. Why? I have no idea, and no life to use that no idea in. Up until "yay" seconds ago ( best measured in weeks ), I was running a disgruntled form of mandrake. ( disgruntled in that I had recompiled most programs, including init, lilo, util-linux. ). For some reason unknown to myself, I decided to switch to Fedora Core 3. During that process, I reformated my / partition to ext3 ( previously ext2 ). Now, I can't get the kernel's I compile to boot.( could be unrelated... ) They finish setting the SELinux ( forgot to mention that part... ) file contexts, but then seem to fail right before /sbin/init is called. I find this muy annoying!!!. Well that's that problem, and I apologize for posting that in this topic, but I really didn't feel like posting twice.

Firefox came installed with Fedora. Nice, but it was the 1.0 preview release... a release behind ( well, now 2 behind ). I, of course wanted the latest version, and wouldn't settle for anything less... The only problem was....

[mario@mario firefox-installer]$ ./firefox-installer
./firefox-installer-bin: /usr/lib/ version `GLIBCPP_3.2' not found (required by ./firefox-installer-bin)
./firefox-installer-bin: /usr/lib/ version `CXXABI_1.2' not found (required by ./firefox-installer-bin)
[mario@mario firefox-installer]$

Thinking it might be gcc related, I configured and compiled that, to no avail. ( I just happend to have sources lying around in my ~ ) If you want more information, just ask by reply or email ( )

When trying to compile firefox, I ran into some freak error as well. ( not really looking for help there )

This same problem is impeding me from playing Unreal Tournament ( 2k4 ). That just makes me mad. I'm mad at firefox so I go to blow some heads off by playing UT, and Lo! That doesn't work either.

Not to extort you or anything, but If I can't get this fixed, I might just....<insert something here>

Any help, including, but not limited to giving me a virtual cup of coffee is appreciated and will be rewarded with a smiley, and a thank you. ( in bold ). ( and one free smiley if you proofread this for me. I can't stand rereading what I just wrote. )