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    borwser problems

    im probably out of my leage here but im trying 2 find an internet browser that can access images while looking in directorys, for example "jpg" and stuf like that.

    the browser needs 2 be compatable with "hackedbox" or basicly blackbox (i dont think this maters as long as it works in the X windows system)
    my plan is to somehow add it 2 lnx-bbc and use it for browsing directorys, (the "browsex" utility jsut doesnt cut it for my uses)

    mabee if u know my plan u could help more.

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    can't remember which distro you're on, but if you have either Gnome or KDE then the filemanager should do the sort of thing you're after . If it's internet browsing then Mozilla (comes with Linux) or my personal favorite , Opera ( should suit you.

    Oh, and don't worry, we all feel that we're out of our league at some time in our lives, that's how you grow.

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