I was really thrilled with 3ddesk up until an hour ago. I had it installed for a few weeks, and just recently got some more convenient hotkeys and mouse gestures set up. Then, out of the blue, I restart the X server and it now refuses to load.

Attempting to start 3ddesktop server.
Daemon started.  Run 3ddesk to activate.
Server not found after waiting 5 seconds.
Could not find server.
Try starting manually (3ddeskd)
The 3ddeskd command insists that it has started running every time. I believe the process is being killed off a second or two after spawning. I can't imagine what I did to earn the wrath of the great 3D Daemon - sure, I've been shuffling around my rpms a bit, I uninstalled and reinstalled a new version of Mesa, and I copied nvidia's gl/glx headers to /usr/include, but none of that affected any other OpenGL application.

Now I expected some difficulties trying to get certain software to run when I installed linux, but I didn't count on *losing* functionality for an arbitrary reason after it has already been working - isn't that against the rules? Any help would be appreciated.

Mandrake 10.1 community, nvidia geforce 2 mx.

[edit] Ok, after reading online about an obscure dependency on an nvidia driver component, I tried reinstalling nvidia. I got a message about not being able to restore a symbolic link named something along the lines of libGL.so.1. Then I reinstalled, booted into X, and 3ddesktop worked flawlessly. Although I kind of wish I was smart enough to remember to save my 3ddesktop.conf file before uninstalling/reinstalling 3ddesk's rpm .