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    Converting to .jpg format

    Hi folks,


    1) Which simple tool shall I use to convert/save/print files of following format to .jpg


    2) After converson, if the original file has several pages can the output file be a single .jpg file instead separate .jpg files.

    3) Can a webpage be printed/saved as .jpg format



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    well .. this is a very verrry simple and trivial solution. ...

    open your .doc or .txt or .pdf in an appropriate viewer, then maximize it,
    and use imagemagick or xwd to take screenshots. save our screenshots
    in the format u like.
    however, this being very crude method, you will have to take care of which
    page of the text file you are taking screenshot of.

    for further enhanced methods try some googling.

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    check out ImageMagick

    imagemagick has a number of command line tools (convert, composite, identify, etc..) that can be used to do just about anything that you can do in photoshop... maybe not as easily though.

    I use the convert command to batch process my digital photos and also to make pdfs from jpegs. There are many other things that you can do though.

    google "imagemagick command line" or something along those lines.

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    Are you sure you want this?

    I'm sorry, but this sounds llike somebody might be able to give you a better solution if you posted more information about what you are trying to accomplish. This just seems like a very strange process.

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