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    super karamba themes

    Well, I started using the cynapses theme for karamba, and I love it. I've been making efforts at trying to get all the components working, and all I have left is power monitory. It has a section for monitoring fan speeds and system voltages, but it is currently blank. The documentation says to change the field "type=" to whatever kind of motherboard you have, but I have no clue what to do. I have an Asus A8V.

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    no go, anyone?

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    did you opened the script?

    well there are 2 things used for superkaramba, the theme script and the script itself.
    So you can manage each of them byb right-clicking on the theme and choosing one of the 2 scripts options.
    This "type=" thing is suppos to be there.
    Else you have a hidden folder into your home folder (~\.superkaramba) inside of it you are suppos to find almost all the python config files used, so it's another possible way.
    A last solution i see also is to use lm_sensors...
    lm_sensors is just a package you can download (using yum or rpmdrake or whatever).
    Also you can look on the superkaramba website, all the codes and possible options are explained there, it isn't that difficult to make your own code, you ll see


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