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    create a movie from a slide show

    before i converted solely to linux i created a slide show (in powerpoint) for a family member's birthday. i then told everyone that i would put the show on some DVDs so that they can take them home and watch them on their TVs.

    well there is a pretty cool program for windoze called Powerpoint to DVD ( I was wondering if anyone knows any programs similar to this for Linux. or perhaps there is a much easier way to do this without any additional software.

    any help would be extremely appreciated. thank you in advance.

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    well... i dunno but probably we have 7 of everything that windoz has
    and if you want to create more presintations(powerpoints) then u can use it reconizes .ppt and creates them to, in open office it is called presintation

    check at they might provide some leads on this
    this next link in from gentoo and i know you are probably not on gentoo but you can click on the secound part of the package (app-office / kpresenter(the kpresente part of the name)) name and get to the next page and then to the packages website is listed on that page weather you use Gentoo or not it is a great place to search for packages and there websites
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    Should you just want a series of images into a video, most any serious video editing product will handle the import of images/series of images. I have used Kino on linux in the past, that might be worth a try.
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    i appreciate the help.

    i would love to just be able to create a video with a series of images, but the show that i created is not static and i want the show to be moved exactly the way it is now onto the video.

    i am familiar with, but for whatever reason i didnt even think to check their site for any leads, so thanks for the heads up.

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    Hi all! recently i have found very nice tool that converts power point presentation to any video format without any quality lossless. Its easy to manage, i advise you. You can download this tool from:

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    for LINUX

    Do they have a Linux equivalent? Or can this run through wine?

    For creating slideshows I found that QDVDAuthor works great.

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    Hi, calix!

    Please start a thread of your own describing your question/problem. This thread is too old and not likely to be answered.

    Sorry for any inconvenience...


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