Hello, I have been searching high and low for a solution to my problem and hope that this forum may be able to provide one. I am running perl version 5.8.0 on three systems Xondros, Red Hat 9 and Centos. I have a perl script that is published in an O'Reilly book called Network Hacks which purports to be able to track users' Google searches. (I can post the entire perl script if need be). However, whenever I run this script in Xondros it executes without a problem. However, in Red Hat 9 and Centos, it bombs out on this line:

open(NG,"ngrep -lqi '(GET|POST).*/(search|find)' |");


mismatched ) or /)

However, the script runs fine as I mentioned above in Xondros. I had an expert Perl programmer look at the entire script and he said it was clean with no programming errors. So I'm suspecting an OS issue or dependencies or modules. I've posted questions in Perl forums and everyone says post in the OS forums. So here I am. Anyone have a clue?