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    Root vs non Root accounts

    In linux you need to use root to install and compile and confire make etc... stuff

    my problem is that i can use all the stuff i install and configure like sound and hard disk under root but not in a normal account, how can i make things to work on a non root (non super user mode).

    btw my distro is Red Hat 9

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    What is it exactly that you can't use as a normal user? As long as you actually install programs that you compile, then you don't need to be root to use them. What do you do when you compile something?

    Btw., you don't need to be root to just compile something; it's only the actual installation that requires root privileges.

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    more details

    I added NTFS support from a driver I found on the internet can not think of what driver. but it works in read only perfectly, I want to have acces to this disk when i am signed as normal user (non root), i tried to change the access priv. things but it wont work because its saying the disk is read only and it cant change the config.

    Now the internet is another thing I have to enter my root password to be able to use the dialer, it is annoying to do that all the time, i guess is access priv. thing too.

    And Finally when I use Wine to play games, I only get sound when i run it as root. if i run it as a normal user it wont work. I guess is access stuff too.

    I like linux and i dont mind learning it is a better os because it needs the user to get optimized, windows doesnt do that very well.

    Thanks in Advance for your Help

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    You won't get more than read only access to the NTFS disk, since Linux doesn't have write support for NTFS yet. I can help you get it readable for your user as well, though. Check what UID and GIDs you have with the "id" command, and post it back here.

    I haven't ever used PPP extensively, so I'm afraid I can't help you with that. Maybe someone else knows how that dialer program works.

    I find it very strange that Wine can't play sound as a user, though. Check what permissions your sound card interface has with the command "ls -l /dev/dsp". It's supposed to be set up correctly by pam_console when you log in, though; that's the strange thing.

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    tyr changing permision with chmod command.

    btw... i cant spell.

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