after I have successfully installed my new SB Live 24bit I stand in front of the problem I have no idea how to solve. When I use ossink plugin the sound is very low, and Amarok is eating almost 98% of the processor time! I thought that it was strange, but... but I have switched to alsasink plugin... It is the funniest and most annoying thing I have ever seen - Amarok when maximized, plays music well with 14% - 19% processor's time taken for it. But when it is minimalized, or hidden on the tray, or on the another desktop the processor load is almost 98% and the quality of music is high from fine.

I hope that someone will help me,

PS: I'm running FC3 on kernel 2.6.10 with Alsa 1.0.8 Also I have onboard audio (sis) on ecsk7s5a motherboard, but it is not installed. I've compiled modules only for SB.