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    Emulating Windows

    Hi, I have to emulate windows to run the SIms 2 and 2 do a few other things. The reason being I don't wan2 reboot in2 Win32 on seperate partition. I am using the Bochs emulator that came with Fedora 3, but I need something faster. I am an idiot so have no clue of how to work QEMU which is supposedly faster, so can someone please give me instructions. I already have a ~/windows directory with a iso hd image that has win98 installed, win98 iso cd, and the configuration script for Bochs. Can I use these in QEMU? If so, how?

    Thanks, Alan

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    Kalgalath, settle down. Yes, that's bad grammer. But it is, sadly, a lot better than most I've seen. Also, you just posted without further helping his situation. On top of that, this thread is years old.

    On the off chance this will be any use to anybody...
    Qemo is (at least it was for me) a real ***** to install. On top of that, it's only faster with the Accelerator Module installed. On top of that, you'll find that any time you emulate something it's going to be increadibly slow compared to what it would be if you're just running windows.

    What programs do you need? 95% of the time (excluding games) there will be a native linux program that will do just what you need. If you're wanting to play games I suggest you just duel boot for it.
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    Agreed... this thread is too old to be brining back to the top and the poster that did so did it in a trolling/flaming manner.

    That post now deleted, and this thread locked.


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