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    Problems with KDE in h3knix

    Hey there everyone!

    I recently downloaded h3knix 1.7.8 and installed it. After a few days, I managed to compile my kernel and install some capsules (it's a new system invented by h3k (h3knix's creator) and used by h3knix), and installed them. I wanted a gui, so I found fluxbox, kde, gnome, enlightenment, xfce and others, but these are the main ones. I managed to run gnome, enlightenment, xfce and flux (default), but I couldn't run KDE. I did exactly the same as with the other GUIs (installed the capsule, replaced startfluxbox in /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc with startkde, and finally, did echo startkde > /home/ardeth/.xinitrc, and then typed startx. I got a GUI running, but then I got an error in a window:

    "Could not start kdeinit. Check your installation"

    What can I do to run KDE? If that helps, I have also downloaded KDE in tarballs.

    Thank you everyone for your time reading this thread,


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    kde isues

    Your isues are due to incorrect values used to create your user ( user error ), another user said he was having this issue so I invesitigated.

    You did not correctly set the shell for your user, so the DISPLAY variable is not being set, causing kdeinit to fail shortly after starting.

    In order to prevent more mistakes, i have created a script to wrap useradd, named createuser, it is available in the h3kmisc package for 1.7 and it is installed by default in 2.1.

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