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    how to install MythTV?

    can't figure out hot to get myth tv installed.

    the isntructions say to do ./configure, which I do and it seems to work. Then


    to which i get a response of

    [root@localhost mythtv-0.17]# qmake
    bash: qmake: command not found
    if i try just make i get

    [root@localhost mythtv-0.17]# make
    make: Nothing to be done for `'.
    anyone know how to get mythtv running? what the heck is qmake?

    oh im on FC3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Gunman
    You will be better off get a book than trying to get problems fixed in any linux forum
    Not likely. There isn't much information readily available, especially for new users, for multi-media in Linux. Looks like it may be up to interested users like you to lead the way. The Linux Documentation Project has lots of fundamental information for multimedia as well as all other topics in Linux and they welcome documentation contributions from others.
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    qmake is a tool used to compile mythtv.

    You either need to install tools like this which will allow you to compile the source code or get pre-compiled packages (rpm packages for fedora).
    The best bet is to go to a more specialized site like
    PVR Guide - Which has install guides for mythtv and vdr linux software

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    If you search my user name and mythtv, you should find a series of posts I wrote back when I was trying to get a PVR working. Long story short, Freevo installed easier and works betters.

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