I recently installed SCIM (scim-pinyin) on my Fedora Core 2 (had to compile it, since no package available for FC2).
To get it to work, I had to add the followind lines to my .xsessions:
scim -d
export LC_CTYPE=zh_CN.UTF-8

after a reload of X, it worked well BUT since I did it, I can't enter anything anymore into the "find" box of Mozilla.
Ctrl+F opens the dialog box as expected, but no matter what I type, nothing appears in the "find text:" field...
The only thing I can do is to type something in gedit and copy-paste it into the box (with the mouse, ctrl+V doesn't work either in the box).

I noticed that the font used by gnome-terminal is different too...

Any idea how I can solve the "mozilla find problem"?