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    Amarok worked fine until today, now won't run

    Hi there

    I'm running Mandrake 10.1 Official release and until today Amarok was working fine. Now suddenly it won't run. I tried running it from a terminal, and this is what came up (as a relative newbie, means not a lot to me). Any help would be much appreciated:

    [amaroK loader] connecting to /home/rhod/.kde/socket-localhost/amarok.loader_socket
    [amaroK loader] amaroK not running. Trying to start it..
    amarok: [PluginManager] Plugin trader constraint: [X-KDE-amaroK-framework-version] == 3 and [X-KDE-amaroK-plugintype] == 'engine' and [X-KDE-amaroK-name] == 'void-engine' and [X-KDE-amaroK-rank] > 0
    amarok: [PluginManager] Trying to load: libamarok_void-engine_plugin
    amarok: PluginManager Service Info:
    amarok: ---------------------------
    amarok: name : <no engine>
    amarok: library : libamarok_void-engine_plugin
    amarok: desktopEntryPath : amarok_void-engine_plugin.desktop
    amarok: X-KDE-amaroK-plugintype : engine
    amarok: X-KDE-amaroK-name : void-engine
    amarok: X-KDE-amaroK-authors : (Max Howell,Mark Kretschmann)
    amarok: X-KDE-amaroK-rank : 1
    amarok: X-KDE-amaroK-version : 1
    amarok: X-KDE-amaroK-framework-version: 3

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    Unfortunatly i've also had the same problem in the past, but was unable to solve it. I reinstalled the program as a last resort, which (as you would guess) worked...and kept my old config settings.

    I'm running Gentoo, so it's not a distro specific problem.

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