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Thread: ripperX

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    that ternimal u are trying to start it from, is that an emulate dterminal, eg. clicking the ternimal button ina window manager? or is it 1 u get to by pressign ctrl+alt+f1 etc.

    if u try to run graphical programs from a non emulated terminal the display wont start.

    try loggin in as notmal user. startign gnome/kde/whatever then click the terminal button there. now su to root. now type ripperX or whatever starts it.

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    It is an emulated terminal

    I tried logging in as root under KDE and running it and I still get the same error message... can't access /dev/cdrom -> I'll look around and see if I can't find a config file somewhere and getr back to you


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    The resource file for RipperX doesn't have anything relating to which device to use - is there a config file for CDPARANOIA (what ripperX uses) that specifies which device to use????


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    I found it

    I found a setting in the ripperX program that allows you to IGNORE /dev/cdrom - it will let me rup off the regular CDROM but NOT from the burner I suppose I'll have to deal...

    here's what I did - I would like to write a script so that I can add this to my dock but I don't know anything about it - here's the shell session I used...

    cole@DrSpin:~> echo ~/.Xauthority >/tmp/xauth
    cole@DrSpin:~> echo $DISPLAY >/tmp/xdisp
    cole@DrSpin:~> su
    DrSpin:/home/cole # export DISPLAY="$(cat /tmp/xdisp)"
    DrSpin:/home/cole # export XAUTHORITY="$(cat /tmp/xauth)"
    DrSpin:/home/cole # ripperX &
    When I launch SuSE programs it pops up with a nice box asking for my root password - something like that would be OK but again I don't know anything about it :S Any ideas??


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    Who'd have thought that it would be that easy

    Thanks for the help the button comand is:
    kdesu ripperX

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