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Thread: problem with x

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    problem with x

    i cant srart x from root but ican start x from any user what can i do

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    If you want root to use KDE, type this:
    su -c "echo exec startkde > /root/.xinitrc"
    If you want to use gnome, type this:
    su -c "echo exec gnome-session > /root/.xinitrc"
    If you want to use fluxbox, type this:
    su -c "echo exec startfluxbox > /root/.xinitrc"
    Or just change it to boot you're preferred X-client.

    PS: It's useally a bad idea to use X as root, you can easily ruin your system.

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    be careful though because if you use programs like firefox as root you are leaving yourself vulnerable to a security attack. Only use root when absolutely necessary!
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    unsupported monitor preventing startx

    I have a Gateway EV700 with a Chromatic Video card.
    Amigo Zip has successfully loaded onto an extended dos drive using a vesa generic driver.
    In my Ext3 drive with Red Hat 7.2 the driver fails to boot the monitor so I upgraded the xfree86 to 4.5.0. Still no.
    After exploring it seems the vid card co has gone out of business and was supported in xfree86 3.3.*. So I would like to install that version of course...except the glib versions for 3.3 are glibc21 etc not the blibc22 which the Xinstaller pegged for me. Is there much of a difference between these two glibs?
    ...configged out

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