I have been working on turning different media (ie Xvid etc) into vcd's and have gotten to the point where I turn the MPG into a VCD image, however I find when I burn it there's lots of errors. it burns fine but when I watch it I see problems on the screen (if you have a satellite system this may help - have you ever tried to watch tv when it's windy and the dish shakes? sometimes the screen freezes, or you get wierd pixelated images - well that's what I see).

The Mpegs are fine, I have checked them before I image them, so I'm thinking it's either vcdimager or K3b causing problems. However since I have burned ISO's and Music discs with K3b I kinda think it's vcdimager. Any help?

Or alternatively any suggestions on what I can use to turn an Mpeg into a cue/bin that I can burn?