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    Limewire won't start

    Okay I downloaded Limewire recently, but when I click on the Limewire button, nothing happens. I get a little bouncy icon and a bar on the bottom, but then they just disappear. I've had Limewire before on the same computer and it worked fine. I read somewhere else that I needed to get Java and put it in the path. I already had the Java that came with the OS, but I downloaded the new one from anyway. But I don't know how to put Java in the path, or if that will even fix the problem. Please help!

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    try running limewire in a command line and see if any errors are posted
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    Re: Limewire won't start

    Quote Originally Posted by blips
    I read somewhere else that I needed to get Java and put it in the path.
    first you need to find the limewire java file, for me that's /usr/lib/LimeWire/LimeWire.jar , if it's not the same for you try finding it with slocate, then cd to the directory and type
    java -jar LimeWire.jar
    limewire will automatically adjust to the new java path as it's default so you can start it up normally after the first initiation

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    This is what I did:

    :~$ limewire syntax error near unexpected token `potential_java_dirs=(`' line 25: ` potential_java_dirs=(`ls -1 "$JAVADIR" | sort | tac`)'

    :~$ cd /usr/lib/LimeWire
    :/usr/lib/LimeWire$ java -jar LimeWire.jar
    bash: java: command not found

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    Install Java using the bin file, thats what I always do Instead of a rpm (When I was using RedHat).

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    i reccomend

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    Java and LimeWire

    I know this is an old thread - but I cant find another instance of the exact wording - so anyway - I can only start LimeWire by going into my usr/lib/LimeWire and then typing java -jar LimeWire.jar - now your post said it should know where it is after that but this is the only way I can get LimeWire to start....tried making a launcher to do this auto like - but I cant get this to work either. I am a slobbering noob - so go easy on me.....

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    I had trouble with that too.. I follow the instructions in and now it works perfectly. If you are using Ubuntu that should do it.

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    Angry LimeWire and Java

    Thats where I got the instructions and introduction to alien - thats how I did it. The only diff was that I already had the JRE installed with the latest versions. It's weird, its as if nothing happens when I click the icon in the gui on the menu. It does throw a couple of errors but runs great when I do that java -jar LimeWire.jar thing. (from a terminal and cd to the /usr/lib/LimeWire dir) Downloads fast too, seems to be much faster than my WinXp setup....anyway - still swimming in the soup of ignorance here - any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Thumbs up

    Never mind - downloaded FrostWire - it not only works - its cool too. It looks better as far as color scheme and everything than does LimeWire. I know their the same thing and I'm sure it had to do with installing from a prepackaged deb file rather than converting a RPM file with alien. It installed correctly, LimeWire did not. Other than that their the same program from an end user experience. Anyway - there ya go. You know - I probably wont even uninstall LimeWire - just take it off my menu and try to forget it's

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