Hi all,

Running RH9 and still kinda a newbie. I have noticed that on certain applications that I have installed (under KDE), they open fine, I use them, and then when I close them, I get a little error window that says:

Couldn't find the program 'edonkey2000'

I'm using eDonkey as an example, as it is one of the programs that gives me the error.

It doesn't happen with RPMs, just some applications packaged in tar.gz. Actually, I didn't have to compile it or anything, just unzipped and ran it. Like I said, it works fine, until I close it. Wondering if anyone has had this same problem, hopefully it's a quick fix.

Also, as a side note, I have had a somewhat similar problem when I add a link for kppp either to my desktop or to my taskbar. I can run it from the link, but once again, when I close it, I get:

KDEInit could not launch 'kppp'

I don't know if both of these problems will have a similar answer or not, but I figured I would throw them in the same post.

Anyway, thanks for any help you all can give me