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    Firefox 1.0.4 on Gentoo.

    Hi guys.

    I ran emerge -uD world last night, and it updated ffx to 1.0.4 from 1.0.3.

    Now, i have an issue with it. This is that when i click 'Browse' to upload a file, i get a window pop up that looks like this:

    Anyone had this aswell? If so, how to fix it?


    Temporary Solution found.
    My solution was to mask firefox-1.0.4 and re-merge (downgrade to 1.0.3)
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    you should be sure not to be running any firefox windows when installing the new version. otherwise you will get that error. simply deleet the .mozilla directory (and all you bookmarks etc - be warned) and start firefox again the directory wil be recreated and the error will be gone, along wiht your bookmarks though.

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    Yeah, but you can copy the bookmarks.html file to another area, and then copy it back once the install is done. That way you won't loose any of your bookmarks.
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    ok, i solved it, but not in that method.... what i did was to edit the ebuild so it didn't apply the GCC4 patch.... i'm on GCC3.x. and then re-emerge, and it worked ok.
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