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Thread: Linux Pro Audio

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    Linux Pro Audio

    As much as I want a mac for doing pro audio I think it'd be much cheaper and efficient if I were to work out a Linux config on a notebook so I can be mobile and have money left over for essential hardware.

    I want to know what:

    A)Flavor of linux you are running, kernel version too.

    B)Audio apps you are using. What has worked and what hasn't.

    C)Platform you're using, notebook or tower; AMD or Intel.

    D)Audio hardware you're using. What has worked and what hasn't.

    Obviously I'm fairly new to these forums so excuse me if this needs to be posted else where.

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    I dunno if that one was meant to be answered of everybody, but:

    A)Gentoo, linux-kernel 2.6.11-gentoo-r6

    B)Audacity and Hydrogen both works

    C)An intel pentium3 stationer PC

    D)Intel AC'97 with ALSA, it has always worked, both with OSS and ALSA

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    A. fedora core 4 test 3 2.6.something.something

    B)i use alsamixer usually and xmms to play music,i dont know how to get kmix to work.

    C)i686 i think,amd athlon xp,desktop

    D)sound blaster audigy cards are a b*** to get working....*sigh*


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