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    app to remove duplicate files from the filesystem?

    I'm looking for an app, or even a bash script, that can search through the filesystem (and mounted filesystems) for duplicate files and ask me which ones i want to delete. I've been googling and looking at icewalkers, sourceforge, and freshmeat and all I could find were some windoze apps. thanks in advance.

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    I dunno how safe it would be to delete duplicates, there may exist some systemfiles which look alike, or maybe backup-files...

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    Oh, it's qite safe when you use a good program for finding duplicates and deleting them! I suggest you to try Dupe Checker PRO 6.0. It has a number of comparison settings which make the cleaning process convenient to user. Futhermore the program allows you to compare files from different sources. You can find it here:

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    fdupes is what you are searching for

    A duplicator finder is very useful for pictures and music.
    fdupes is a command-line tool that uses md5 hash for searching (the best way).

    Read this article:

    fdupes is here.

    The program mentioned on previous post is only for windows... this is a linux forum.



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    There are some programmes to find duplicate files. I wanted to delete music duplicate file I used the programme delete duplicate files for such aim. It helped me. This program is not only for the music, but for all files. Dont know any script for it, And now it is more free place on my PC..

    Find here : www(.)duplicate-finder-pro(.)com/delete-duplicate-files(.)htm

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