I compiled and run Fce Ultra 0.98.13

compiled successfully and installed correctly.

I have tried reading the documentation for toggling out of fullscreen mode when running this Nintendo emulator.

I have two issues

When i press alt + enter the window attempts to toggle out
I will see the terminal for a quick second but then
however it never completes toggling out and FCEU game window gains back its focus.

My second issue is when i try to configure the controller
I get a black screen with a blinking dot instead of the blinking A that prompts you to select which button on your controller is A.

I currently use this script


echo "What game would you like to play?"

read "X";

if[-f "$X"]
fceu -xres 1280 -yres 1024 -stretchx 0 -stretchy 0 -fs 0 -opengl 1 -inputcfg gamepad1 $X*;


echo "Wrong name"


I set fceu -fs 0 and the emulator still goes to fullscreen mode.

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