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    html/ftp client for linux???

    Hello All,
    Here at work, I currently use dreamweaver for doing web development. One of the reasons for the choice is that it has an integrated ftp client, which make site and local file organization very easy.

    I was wondering, does anyone know of any linux web development tools that have the same functionality as both an html editor AND ftp client?

    If not, what kinds of tools are all of you using to do web development in linux? I'm familiar w/ Bluefish, but that's about it. Thanks.


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    you can run DW under GNU/Linux by using crossover office..

    Good Luck

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    i'm actually trying to get away from using dreamweaver if possible since it's such a resource hog .

    anyone other ideas?

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    As always, I recommend emacs. Yes, that's right: emacs is a text editor. But it can do precisely whatever you would ever want to have it do for you. And, yes, it does have a built-in FTP client; just open a file as "/username@servername:filename", and it will you the file transparently over FTP.
    Personally, I really recommend editing HTML in a text editor rather than a GUI studio. Sure, it isn't WYSIWYG, but on the other hand you know what you get, it puts you in greater touch with your HTML, and you learn a lot of useful things on the way, and you don't get the lot of superfluous HTML that GUI studios tend to generate.

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    I totaly agree with Dolda, when you program in a texteditor you learn something, Thoose program are doing the thinking insted of yourself


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    try Quanta it is very simple and powerful. also dreamweaver produces messy code that is generaly not standards complient


    oh and Gftp is also good for pure ftp. or konqueror is very user friendly in that respect

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