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Thread: Blender

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    mad_red_hatter unfortunately Maya is not free but there are ways of getting it illegally. If you are interested in that let me know. All though get it legally is not an option for most of people because it is very expensive. I know that they use it when the where making titanic and probably Pixar use it to make all of there movies. Oh p.s. I will only tell you how to get it illegally not help you get it. You will do it on your own risk and I recommend that you do not get it only if you really badly want it.

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    lol sunday. while reading your post i had an image pop into my head, of you standing in a dark alley with a software box under a large 80's style trenchcoat waiting for mad_red_hatter to make the "drop" or ... *looks around* me for that matter. i would love to be able to afford maya or even Bryce. both programs are high on my xmas list if i ever get good enough that people would be willing to pay me.
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    QuickDraw you got it all wrong it was more of a 90's style trenchcoat

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    the blender site has many tutorials, they should teach you many things, I would go through those before you decide you need a book:P. but I'm just cheap like that.

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