Hi all -

Im using Red Hat 9, and it came with xmms 1.2.7. I'm trying to upgrade to 1.2.10.

The book I'm reading said that in order to upgrade rpms, I have to:

#rpm -Uvh <package-filename>

and I did that, and it seemed to carry out with no problems. When I run xmms (going to 'Audio Player' under 'Sound & Video' as I normally do) it's still saying that 1.2.7 is installed.

The book also metioned having to swap config files manually (.rpmnew, or something to that effect), but i'm not sure where it would be located, being a newbie not totally familiar with the file system yet. I searched around and found some info, however, it addresses installing from source, not rpm.

Anyone have any suggestions, or maybe a previous post that I missed you can direct me to?

Thanks so much (I'm trying, lol)