I post my message here because i think it is a suitable place since lmbench is a microbenchmark, and that is closely related to kernel and hardware. If my post does not fit here please suggest a better place.
More info about the tool can be found here:

The problem is that it should give me bargraph results after i ran the benchmark, but i cannot get them to show.
In the root of the program directory there is a file summary.roff and a directory results which contains the .pic files.
I think i have to use groff on summary.roff (i also suspect it should be possible to use groff on a separate .pic file). But i cannot get the graphs to display on my screen since i do not have much experience with groff.
Or maybe i do not have to use groff at all Rolling Eyes

I have been looking on google, but have not found anything.
The comment in the makefile said it would possible open in a windows spreadsheet, but i have had no succes with that either.

Can anybody help me or suggest anything?

I have been able to get some generate some postscript files and i can view them as graphs with a postscript viewer like gv or gxdview, but what can i do with the .pic files?