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    i recently found out that amaroK absolutely RULES! i was waiting for the linux version of iTunes but i donīt think iīll switch! love the away amaroKīs browser displays covers, lyrics and more info about my music. the customable on-screen info when starting to play a song is also great. and its plugins rule too!
    i have only one question. does anybody know how do i change the default browser? it always open konqueror if i ask for a browser, i would love to chenge it to fox.

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    I totally agree with your assesment of Amorak. One of the best applications for Linux I've ever used.

    I think you have to modify your settings in KDE Control Center to change the default browser to ff.

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    yeah probably. thx for the ultra fast response!

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    I also, shall declare my love for amarok. Being a singer that "Lyrics' tab is quite useful. The only problem i have with it is that it does play wma files, but it doesn't detect them and add them to my collection when i search through folders. But i am very pleased that after finding amarok, linux is now 100% better than windows, as previously it was lacking a fully functional media player.

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    wma sucks. lol.

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