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Thread: Backup

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    yey, smbmount + tar works for me....

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    Quote Originally Posted by bpark
    I'm trying to avoid scripting as a last solution.
    Scripting is usually the first solution on Linux! It's quicker and cheaper than trying to find a commercial package that does what you want, and you can tweak it as necessary to suit local requirements. Linux comes with the tools you need to do most things; scripting is just joining them together to achieve the desired result.

    For example, to backup a list of specific files, I'd use:
    cpio -o >backup <filelist
    To backup files from a specific location:
    find /backup/from/here -print -depth | cpio -o >backupfile
    The find(1) above can be tweaked to only save files modified after a certain date if you want incermental backups.

    Both commands can be further enhanced by, for instance, compressing the resultant archive files.

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    I've been using a product called Acronis to backup / restore both Windows and Linux partitions / drives. It's not free, but when it comes to restoring data, I don't trust my scripting abilities

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    I think Veritas Backup Exec is available....That's preety much the most standard backup tool away from arcserve, and it's full of GUIs and cross platform availability.

    Does cost a bomb though.

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    easy backup solution

    Amanda is very popular. might be overkill.

    here's my /usr/local/bin/backup script which I cron to make a daily snapshot:


    D=`date +%Y%m%d-%H%M`

    cd /
    tar cvvf - \
    /etc \
    /home/padm \
    /root/.ssh \
    /usr/local/bin \
    /usr/local/etc \
    /usr/local/jakarta-tomcat* \
    /usr/local/www/cgi-bin \
    /usr/local/www/data \
    2> $F.list \
    | bzip2 > $F.tar.bz2

    I just then prune old backups

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    Which solutions can do differentials? This saves a lot of space, especially when there are requirements to hold data for long periods, or backups need to run quickly.

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    just add "-mtime -7" into the tar command to only back up files changed in the last 7 days.

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